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Dear All,

In the letter of credit addtional conditions states 'short form/blank back bill of lading not acceptable'

Presented bill of lading does not evidence either terms and conditions of credit or attached second page.  There is the clause in the bottom of the bill of lading which states for terms and conditions please read  www.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Is this acceptable bill of lading.

Happy day.



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Art 20 a v

Hi Friend,

IMHO opinion the bill of lading is not acceptable, art 20 a v, clarifies that :

-contain terms and conditions of carriage or make refrence to another source containing the terms and conditions of carriage(short form or blank back bill of lading). Contents of terms and conditions of carriage will not be examined.

So the article is pointing that a blank back bill of lading is a bill that does not contain terms and condition but states that is possible to get them at another source, a web site.

Other comments appreciated