Surrender B/L

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In surrender B/L, do we need to surrender all 3 original B/l to carrier or only one is enough.

When B/L is straight consigned to applicant, do applicant need to carry B/L in order to take the delivery of goods.

Even when B/L is straight consigned, is still negotiable or is it negotiable only when its consigned to order of xyz ...

Looking ahead to hear from you.

Thnx in advance.

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Surrender B/L

One of which is accomplished the others stand void.

Only one is needed.

 Straight Consigned B/Ls are not negotiable.

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terms and conditions for a forwarder

 I m new to te forum, i want to know that what all terms and conditions can be incorporated in the LC for a forwarder who has a scope to fix a ship from loading port till discharge port.